Friday, February 28

Month In Photos: February

After complaining about how slow January had been going, I think February heard me and stepped up it's game a little as it feels like this month has absolutely flown by! The first half of the month was spent up in Edinburgh for the first weekend in February, including a spontaneous night out and bar crawl, and exploring my favourite little hidden spot on market day.

Coming back down to England again and I headed over to Lancaster to visit friends at university there and have a night out and little exploration of the town. Fast forward a weekend and Luke came home for a visit for Valentines and our Nando's date (can't say no to a good old Nandos)!

The second half of the month was spent focusing on university work and quite literally pulling up floor boards in Manchester for our degree exhibition that's happening in a few months time, which it all making it feel very real now. I also posted a blog post about keeping your blog maintained and organised whilst being a full time student, which you can read here, which seemed to go down pretty well!

Escaping to the coast for the day to help clear away the stress from uni, being utterly blown away with my mum and grandma, but having a good old shop whilst we were there, in which I found some home-ware goodies, and this vintage Kellog's Frosties tin which I'm a little in love with - dream retro kitchen here I come!

Followed by an exciting little parcel popping through my door from the lovely Jade over at Ginger Pickle, how cute are these bee earrings?! Scrap-booking my life away with memories and keepsakes from last summer, and de-stress baking (this is totally a thing) coconut and chocolate banana bread, oh yes. Which you can find the recipe for - here. What have you been up to this month?

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  1. Looks like you have been a busy bee! Love the Frosties tin, we have some similar in our kitchen too :)

    I have a couple new posts up and a giveaway to win D&G Sunglasses, if you would like to catch up on my latest posts xx


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