Wednesday, February 26

Coastal Escape

There's just something so wonderfully calming about the sea side, even when it's super windy and the waves are crashing over the barriers and covering the cars and passerby's in spray. Last Friday to get away from things a little and do both a bit of retail therapy (with a serious home ware haul if you follow me over on instagram! @louisejoyb) and to have a wander down the coast.

Considering I'm only about a twenty minute drive from the coast I really don't get out there often enough, so me, my mum, and my grandma decided to head out for the day, and these are a few of the snaps I got before getting soaked by a massive wave! Needless to say, I thought I was going to get blown away taking these but on a summers day it really is lovely with the sun shining and calm waters.

 photo signature_zpse432d412.jpg


  1. Love the yellow! Xx
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. I love heading to the coast, although I'm a lot further away than I used to be.
    Like you say, something very calming about the sea, the breeze and just everything.
    Good choice for a little get away!

    ~ K


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