Friday, January 31

Month In Photos: January

Looking back on things I actually did quite a lot in January, despite the fact that it felt so slow to begin with! Kicking things off with New Year spent with my nearest and dearest having more of a quiet night in and enjoying each others company whilst we watched 2014 come in, winter walks spent with Luke until he left to go back to university for the next semester, and the dreaded rush before my hand in at university for the first major project of my final year which really begins to count before my degree - with my make shift little studio at home getting it all photographed and ready!

After my initial hand in I could relax a little and start to enjoy getting out more and doing things I'd previously put on hold. Back at university I treated myself to some goodies in the sales, me and a few friends went on little road trips to Manchester, and a big old hike up Beacon Fell in the mist one morning.

Followed by this previous weekend spent with family enjoying time together for my mum and aunties birthday, baking my first ever batch of cake pops, with a little hand from my helpers! And just generally getting on with things for my new semester.

I'm back up in Edinburgh again for a long weekend, so it's definitely a lovely way to end my month. What have you all been up to in January?

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  1. Looks like you've had some fab times this month Louise! I do love your Beverly Hills jumper! x

  2. Lovely photos..the food looks amazing

  3. You've had a busy month! But it looks like you've had fun :) January has been pretty quiet for me.
    Love your beverly hill top!! xx

  4. Great little round-up, love your little pasty puff at the end !
    Lauren x
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